Getting your child ready for school is a big job, but the child development staff at Caterpillar Corner Daycare, LLC is up to the task. 

With fun activities to help develop social, cognitive and motor skills, and caring teachers who will challenge your preschooler to try new things, your child will love it here.

Educated staff that will provide great experiences


Our educated staff is trained to give your little one an education that will include early reading skills, counting and early math, imagination and creativity and even science projects.

All 3-to 5 year olds welcome
Our preschool program is convenient for the children who attend daycare at our facility, but we welcome children who attend other programs or routinely stay at home.

Preparing your preschooler for academic achievement

  • 1/2 day preschool
  • Early reading skills
  • Counting and math
  • Science
  • Social skills and working in group
  • Music and art
  • Learning centers and small group activities

Part-time Daycare Available

Open from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm

(Based on need for care)